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To Do List

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 9 months ago
  • graphics
    • new progress meter graphics? (might be done with code?)
      • I think this could be easily done with a couple of 'divs'. One inside the other. I'll mock something up shortly. - mock up now on sandbox site
    • donate button?


  • study paypal API and choose appropriate one (there are three i think)
  • select credit card vendor - this may require that we are a legit biz org with bank account (which in turn may require charter)


  • plugin:
      • verdi to assist?
      • not getting any feedback on the graphics...so leaving them as is.
    • paypal code (july 26-31)
    • testing (to be determined)
    • release...yeah!! (Early August)


Completed items:

    • graphic look and feel for the 'gauge' ui element (june 25- july 2)implemented 7/03/06 on sandbox site
    • datamodel - implemented 6/19/06 on sandbox site
    • Create sandbox paypal account for development and testing of the plugin (july 24)
    • data interaction code (june 22-25) - implemented 6/25/06 on sandbox site
    • wordpress hooks for donation/comment (june 25-28) - implemented 6/28/06 on sandbox site
    • wordpress hooks for project/blog post (june 25-28) - implemented 6/28/06 on sandbox site
    • code for rendering the 'gauge' ui element (june 25-28) - implemented 6/28/06 on sandbox site

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