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Version 2 Notes

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago
  • Spoke with Jay and Devlon about this and we are going to roll our own backend to replace fundable.org
  • Where will we host this? Currently, our PHP scripts are located at http://app.etitio.us/fundable. We can continue to use this server of Markus' if we wish (hosting provider is bluehost.com. Alternatively I have a dreamhost account too at http://spincast.net)
  • One script scrapes fundable project pages for thier status and returns our own corresponding graphic for use in an iframe
  • The other script allows a user to submit a project and forwards data as email to http://groups.google.com/group/hmwv
  • one more allows people to sign up for email subscription
  • one more script allows dump of email subscribers as comma delimted list


Wordpress plugin proposal

  • Suggesting we use a wordpress plugin to give us the functionality we need for collecting, tracking and promoting the Have Money Will Vlog project.
  • Projects can be tracked with the blog posts. A project = a blog post. The additional database fields that would be needed would track blogid as the projectid.
  • The plugin would allow us to create additional fields on the blog post screen (in the dashboard). These fields would collect the information like target dollar amount, deadline, etc.
  • We use the comments to collect our pledge information as well as piggy-backing on the comment system to have display a list of subscribers and one-time donations.


Wordpress plugin 'workflow'

  • 3 Types of actions will need to happen.
    • collecting info
      • plugin using comments as pledges
    • displaying info
      • plugin using comments as pledges
      • plugin using post screen to collect more info for the project
    • interacting with paypal, etc.
      • plugin doing this stuff :) Markus, this is your arena more than mine could you flesh this out for us?
        • the pledges (not subscriptions) would need to be in 'escrow' (right terminalogy?) until the target amount was hit within the date.
        • the money would then need to be shuffled from plegders account, 'escrow' account, whatever, to the hmwv account

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